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Stuffed Bell Peppers - Cool Food Ideas

Stuffed Bell Peppers

Main Course

These delicious stuffed bell peppers make are perfect to enjoy by yourself or to share with loved ones or guests! It’s really quick and easy to prepare, with only 8 basic ingredients used. Stuff them – put ‘em in the oven – done! They even taste great when cold, so what’s there to lose? Make them now!

Eggs inside of Bell Peppers / Capsicum eggs

Bell Pepper Omelette


This cute and tasty breakfast idea is super-easy to make and requires only 2 ingredients – bell peppers and eggs. Want a quick, nutritous breakfast but have no time for prep? Are you a vegetarian? Or if you have kids, they will love the flower-shaped colorful mini omelettes. A good way to make them eat eggs and vegetables.