They say you spend six years and ten months in a lifetime on average eating. Think about it; six years. So why not spice up your dinner table with custom shakers? Now I’m not talking about the Hansel-and-Gretel figurines or farm animal figurines. Treat yourself to Lego, magic, time travel and so much more in this top ten!


Tardis vs Dalek Salt & Pepper Shaker

Tardis vs Dalek Salt & Pepper Shaker:

For time travel fans out there, let the TARDIS and the Dalek take you on an intergalactic adventure beyond space and time. Glossy and glazed, and made of tough but elegant ceramic these two are a must for Dr Who fans, and make an elegant pair for those who are not. Bring the future of cutlery to your table today and blow the neighbors minds!


Egg And Toast Salt And Pepper Shakers

Egg And Toast Salt And Pepper Shakers:

This set reminds you of the need for a healthy start to the day, but beyond all that it’s INSANELY cute, and is sure to brighten up your day. French toast? Sandwiches? well done? Expect compliments on your culinary skills and taste in cutlery.


Magic Salt and Pepper Shakers

Magic Salt and Pepper Shakers :

Took the magic wands off the tooth fairy and the big bad witch, and put them up to spread the magic to tables around the world! Bring that magic flavor to your cooking, and I’m not just talking about love, care and attention. just keep up some wards so the pesky fairies don’t try to take them back. Who knows? You might turn into one!


Lego Salt and Pepper Set

Lego Salt and Pepper Set:

Grown too old for LEGO you say? Well you’re wrong and one look at these cool yet adorable shakers is enough to prove it. Bring some of the old memories and fun back to life today, and remember, you’re never too old to play with lego. Never. And dining with them can help you find your inner child in a lot of ways!


Battery Salt and Pepper Set

Battery Salt and Pepper Set:

In an age when battery powered machines power human lives, there’s no reason not to get some of that power directly! Get this battery power set and feel charged after every meal, not to mention an experience of heightened sense of taste. Comes with battery charge meter.


Pants Salt-and-Pepper Set

Pants Salt-and-Pepper Set:

Feel alone at the table, and need some company? Well if the Lego or bread-egg set doesn’t work for you, the pants man might just do the trick! His torso gives the salt while his pants dispenses the pepper. Comes with matte protection, this little guy knows exactly how to brighten up your day, and your food. Besides, take him out of his pants and he becomes a kid once more, what more could you ask?


Two Peas in a Pod Salt & Pepper Shaker

Two Peas in a Pod Salt & Pepper Shaker:

Set Peas in a pod in love with each other, and adorable enough to make you cry out loud! What’s more they’re magnetic and stick to the bottom so they’ll never leave you alone. Yet it leaves you wondering… is the girl the salt or the pepper? What does it matter? She’ll spice up your life anyway! Comes in an elegant green, shy and smiling face.


Shells Salt and Pepper Shakers

Shells Salt and Pepper Shakers:

You the outdoors type? Think cute is the same as sissy, and love your food rough and tough? Well these magnum shotgun shelled salt and pepper shakers are sure to spice up your adventures! These are a true treat for any hunter or outdoor enthusiast.


Pac-Man Salt & Pepper Shakers

Pac-Man Salt & Pepper Shakers :

The era of arcade gaming may have passed but pac man’s not done yet! Meet Blinky, one of the ghosts from the iconic game, here to help you bring the 80′s back to life. Comes in blue and red to spice and savory your food as the need be!


Snow Globe Salt and Pepper Shakers

Snow Globe Salt and Pepper Shakers:

Snow globes make excellent gifts, no matter the occasion, and now they come with functional value. A polar bear and a black bear make for rocking change in a beautiful make and make differentiating salt and pepper a lot easier. Kind of makes me wonder, how would a bride and bride groom look in these snow globes? Cool Salt and Pepper Shakers, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating